The company Terraza SL was created in 1939 in Barcelona. Since then, it has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of fabrics under three fundamental principles that, after all of these years, it continues to live up to with conviction.
  Only quality work allows one to go beyond the immediate present, and it is the only way to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers. This belief has earned us ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacturing of technical fabrics and finishes, granted by the multinational company SGS.
  We do not understand any relationship with our customers and collaborators that does not consider respect and concern for their needs and desires beyond the conventional to be basic. We adapt to the most particular and singular needs.
  Since 1939, seriousness has been a fundamental norm for all of our activity. After so many years, we could not continue to enjoy the support, trust, and loyalty of our customers and suppliers if we had not always fulfilled our commitments with strict seriousness and professionalism.