Fabrics that are provided without any later treatment.
  Dyed fabrics, water-repellent fabrics, fire-resistant fabrics, fabrics printed by roller or transfer.
         Fabrics with PVC covers (normal, transparent, fire-resistant, thermoweldable), PU resins (normal, breathable, thermoweldable, flame-resistant), acrylic resins, etc.
  Fabrics with foam treatments, suede sewn, backing with other fabrics or with non-fabrics, etc.
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Detalle TécnicoDetalle TécnicoDetalle Técnico
luxury, travel, fashion, advertising.
sports, schools, publicity, promotion, mountains.
life jackets, canoeing, windsurfing, covers for ships.
highway, off-road, trial, trail, gloves.
casual, sportswear, fashion.
sportswear, work, casual, fashion, children, protection, hunting and fishing, uniforms (army, police, firemen, hospital staff, companies).
aerostatic forms, placards, mobile constructions, light tents,
agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, thermoconductors.