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Only quality work allows us to go beyond the here and now, and for us, this has been the path to gaining the trust and loyalty of our customers and to earning ISO 9001 certification and OEKO-TEX certification for the design and manufacture of technical fabrics and finishes, conferred by the multinational enterprise, SGS.


We consider respect and concern for the needs and objectives of our customers and collaborators to be our cornerstones, therefore adapting to all their specific and unique requests.


Since 1939, reliability has been an essential standard in all our activities. After so many years, we couldn’t have continued to enjoy the support, trust and loyalty of our customers and suppliers if we hadn’t always met our commitments with steadfast professionalism.


Greige fabrics

Loom state

Dyed & Printed Fabrics

Reactive and disperse dyes, Prints, Scouring, Washing and heat-setting operations

Waterproof fabrics / Padder

Waterproofing and antistatic treatments, as well as fire-proofing, antibacterial treatments, etc.

Coated Fabrics / Knife coating

PVC, PU and acrylic resins, weldable and fire-proof resins, etc.

Laminated fabrics

PU, PVC, PTFE, etc.

Embossed fabrics


Personal protection – Ballistics

High-tenacity and Cordura® fabrics, weldable and heat-sealable, completely watertight for protection of the ballistic “package”, with camouflage prints according to...

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